Thursday 17 February 2011

Helping Others

The purpose of this blog is to highlight tales of tragedy and triumph, and perhaps to garner some attention for noble causes. Some of my passions include: the environment, wildlife, homeless people, old people, people struggling to overcome illness, people with sick children, addicts and other mentally ill people.

A few worthy tales to get us started........

The story of a woman and the two men she is helping, from The New York Times:

Most of us have heard the story of the polar bear who swam for 9 days searching for ice to land on and seals to eat, losing her yearling cub in the process. Here is her story, as presented by Alaska Dispatch:

Here's a charged issue: illegal immigration. Finally someone has proposed what I consider to be a reasonable solution--Utah!

The bill:

Current status (as of 2/23/11):

Inspirational stories of two paralyzed young brides who fight to walk:
Michigan bride paralyzed in an auto accident, from
Playful push leaves bride-to-be paralyzed, from

Inspirational story of a man with spinal injuries suffered during a snowmobile accident, from USA Today:
With wife's help, Reno man strives to beat paralysis

The New York Times investigated abuses at state-run homes for the mentally disabled:
Abuse and Impunity at State-Run Homes

From The New York Times, a story of an amazing woman and how she overcame her demons:

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